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Services to Assist Your Search

dreamstime_xs_13985441Our companion service line, branded as  “FindALeader.org” provides a set of administrative support services that enable you to undertake your own search for executive leadership (Chief Executive Officer,  Chief Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer).  We work with Boards of Directors in the Executive Director search, and with Executive Directors (or CEOs, Chief Professional Officers, etc.) in the search for other key leaders.  We are not a search firm, but are available to small and mid size organizations who want to do their own search but do not have the bandwidth to undertake a rigorous process with otherwise busy staff.

We utilize the excellent manual Hiring the Nonprofit Chief Executive by Jeffrey Wilcox, CEO of The Third Sector Company.

We are a nonprofit organization like you, and we have staffed dozens of successful hiring processes.

With over 65 years of combined experience in creating, governing, managing and enhancing nonprofit organizations, we bring that experience to bear to solve your temporary administrative challenges of the search process.

For more detailed information, visit FindALeader.org.


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