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Services Tailored to CASA Organizations

Download a flyer on our services to CASA organizations by clicking here.

With over a decade of experience serving Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) organizations in California, including providing training for CASA Executive Directors, NonprofitBackOffice is ideally suited to address your special administrative needs.

Our full and first-hand knowledge of the mission and programs of CASA organizations in California and other states will allow us to serve your needs without the learning curve inherent in consulting relationships with firms and individuals unfamiliar with the special services and needs of CASA.

Two specialty services are available:

First, we contract with Board or executive management to facilitate the administrative procedures to find a new senior executive (Executive Director, Development Director, Chief Financial Officer, etc.).

Note: we are not a search firm. We can provide you with referrals to search firms if you are interested in their services.


The niche we serve is for those organizations who do not have the resources to retain a search firm and want to do their own search, but do not have sufficient time availability and/or experience to process a full recruitment process.

We utilize the well-documented and successfully deployed reference manual Hiring The Nonprofit Chief Executive™ published by Third Sector Company. Components include:

  • preparing for an effective volunteer-led search process
  • constructing and supporting the search committee
  • the essential elements of a successful search process and a realistic timeline
  • handling internal candidates and the politics of searching for a new leader
  • key considerations in the interview process
  • introducing your new leader the right way

Other services:

  • Online video meeting availability if necessary for group meetings and initial interviews
  • Placement of notices on websites and bulletin boards, with management/tracking of deadlines
  • Informal networking in local nonprofit organizations
  • Remote computer login & Skype meetings to economize on time commitments and travel of participants

Second, we contract with executive management to accomplish time-limited administrative functions that are beyond the availability of full time administrative staff of the smaller nonprofit office.

Services may include:

  • Analysis of fiscal condition, to identify and rectify shortcomings in fiscal policies or procedures, or to reconstruct missing documentation, etc.
  • Preparation for an audit, with assistance of a CPA
  • Clean up of databases, donor records, client stats, outcomes measures, etc.
  • Preparation (or follow-up) for mass mailings, major events, special initiatives, etc.
  • Preparation for accreditation by review bodies (policy and procedures development, etc.)
  • Development of strategy, planning, and promotional documents for specific service lines
  • Staffing for planned (or unplanned) absences (pregnancy, temporary disability, resignations, etc.)
  • Website development or SEO/social media planning
  • Grant development for public or private funders
  • Overall resource development planning to grow your donor base

Other productivity aids:

  • Online video meeting availability if necessary for staff interactions from remote locations, or for consultation
  • Assistance with website or IT needs specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations
  • Technology planning, including selecting cost effective office equipment, printers, networks, cloud services, phones, tech support, online services, backup strategies, etc.
  • Locating and negotiating on office expansion, contraction, or relocation, using a qualified licensed California Real Estate Broker (with nonprofit interests at heart) to represent YOU


Pricing is based on the number of hours necessary to undertake the agreed tasks.  Your investment in time-limited, expert assistance will pay off in the long run.  We price our executive level assistance and our core administrative services at different rates.  Also, since we are a nonprofit ourselves, occasionally there is a discount based on our available funding provided by our donors.


“…our organization has greatly benefited from the fund development and administrative skills of the principals of SST Nonprofit Services…they have allowed us to access increased governmental and private funding…on the operations front, we have been able to increase our efficiency and update our systems by using the latest technological tools and systems….
— Dilys Tosteson Garcia, Executive Director, CASA of Los Angeles

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