Offering time-limited expert assistance in a variety of administrative areas to small and mid-sized nonprofit community benefit organizations.

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We Assist You in Your Leadership Search is our branded package of administrative support services to support your search for Executive Director, CEO, CFO, CTO, and other lead staff.


Research on Outsourced Admin Services

A growing body of research supports the benefits of outsourced services. We can provide interim administrative support when you have special needs or require special skills.


Our diverse backgrounds allow us to meet your needs.

We bring over 60 years of senior management and executive consulting experience that allows us to assist your small or mid-size nonprofit organization. Call now!


Types of Services That Can Be Outsourced

Have a look at the types of administrative support we can offer, in areas such as finance, operations, facilities, equipment, technology, HR, relocation, mergers, and others.


Special Service Lines, Affiliations, and Partnerships

Our branded package of administrative services to support your board-led or CEO-led search will assist you to maintain your operations and to maintain objectivity while we take on the significant amount of tasks connected with a search for a leader.


NPBO and its principals are affiliated with a number of professional and trade associations that support our work by connecting us with talent, research and materials, allowing us to serve you better, with the most recent tools and techniques.


NPBO is a licensee of Third Sector Company, "a unique social enterprise of nonprofit executives dedicated to succession planning and interim leadership solutions for the nonprofit sector," and uses its materials to assist its work.


Experience Makes the Difference

You can benefit from our 65 years of nonprofit experience to serve the special needs of your organization. Time-limited, targeted expertise can alleviate the impact of a temporary vacancy, or augment your staff capacity to respond to a special need.

NonprofitBackOffice is a service of SST Nonprofit Services, a division of SST Productions, Inc. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are very much appreciated. Your donation to SST can enable us to provide discounted services to more deserving organizations. This will result in more efficiency and direction of resources to those in need.

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