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Finance and Fundraising Services

NonprofitBackOffice gives small and medium sized community benefit organizations access to the same expertise and tools that larger organizations utilize.  We assist organizations in transforming accounting, administrative, fundraising and reporting challenges into opportunities for growth, new relationships and new funding. Burdens of regulatory compliance, grant requirements, donor restrictions, engendering positive public relations, and ensuring alignment […]


Findings on Outsourcing Back-Office Services by MAG and the Meyer Foundation

Summary: New Report on Outsourcing Back-Office Services by MAG and the Meyer Foundation The Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation funded the Management Assistance Group (MAG) to assess the back-office needs of Meyer grantees and to identify alternative back-office services that could strengthen operations, relieve pressures on executive directors, and lead to greater efficiencies, particularly […]


Codes of Professional Practice

At NonprofitBackOffice, we subscribe to the most stringent codes of professional practice and ethical principals. Following is the  AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards ETHICAL PRINCIPLES • Adopted 1964; amended Sept 2007 The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) exists to foster the development and growth of fundraising professionals and the profession, to promote high […]


Why Outsourced Services? — A Study

Outsourcing Back‐Office Services in Small Nonprofits: Pitfalls and Possibilities A Study Conducted by the Management Assistance Group In Partnership with the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation Executive Summary The current economic collapse has only intensified the ever‐present need of executive directors of small and mid‐sized nonprofits to find cost‐effective ways to reduce overhead costs […]


Samples of Work That Can Be Outsourced

Following are some examples of types of work that can be outsourced to NonprofitBackOffice: Fiscal analysis and “sleuthing” to identify and rectify shortcomings in fiscal condition of the organization We can complete a full or partial inventory of documents, backup materials and files We can identify best practice around fiscal procedures, and determine approximate cost […]


Research Supports the Benefits of Outsourcing

A growing body of research has documented the benefits of outsourcing various administrative functions. If you are considering using outsourced professionals for other administrative support functions, have a look at the following documents:   Outsourcing-ExecSummary Outsourcing report full document Smart_Outsourcing_Pt_I outsourcing report from new york   A new study focuses on outsourcing as a potential solution […]


On Call Support for Nonprofit Organizations

We contract with Board or executive management to accomplish time-limited administrative functions that are beyond the availability of full time administrative staff of the smaller nonprofit office. Services might include: “Forensic Accounting” to identify and rectify shortcomings in fiscal condition of the organization Preparation for an audit, with assistance of a CPA Clean up of […]

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