We contract with Board or executive management to accomplish time-limited administrative functions that are beyond the availability of full time administrative staff of the smaller nonprofit office.

Services might include:

  • “Forensic Accounting” to identify and rectify shortcomings in fiscal condition of the organization
  • Preparation for an audit, with assistance of a CPA
  • Clean up of databases, donor records, client stats
  • Preparation (or follow-up) for mass mailing, major event, etc.
  • Preparation for accreditation or review bodies
  • Development of policies and procedures for specific service lines
  • Staffing for planned absences (pregnancy, temporary disability, etc.)

For more information and examples of services to be provided, see here.

Other services and resources for our clients include:

  • Web enabled video participation if necessary for staff interactions from remote locations
  • Assistance with “Web 2.0” and other IT needs specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations
  • Technology planning, including selecting cost effective office equipment, printers, networks, cloud services, phones, etc.
  • Locating and negotiating on office expansion, contraction, or relocation, using a qualified licensed real estate broker with nonprofit interests at heart to represent you and your mission.

Grant Writing

We have enjoyed working with dozens of organizations over forty years of successful experience raising millions of dollars for organizations in fields such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Arts and Culture
  • Heritage Projects
  • Pastoral Care and Spiritual Support
  • Multifaith and Interfaith organizations
  • Child Welfare and Foster Care organizations
  • LGBTQ issues and organizations
  • Library Services
  • Governmental support
  • Historic Preservation
  • and many more….